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2008 Gulfstream G550

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Aircraft Highlights

  • One U.S. Corporate Owner Since New – Excellent Pedigree
  • 144 Month Tasks Including the Horizontal Stabilizer Inspection Accomplished at Gulfstream – Appleton, January 2020
  • 17-Passenger with Aft Galley Cabin Configuration
  • Engines on Rolls-Royce CorporateCare® & APU on Honeywell MSP Gold
  • Enrolled on Honeywell MSP Avionics & MSP Mechanical
  • Triple FMS with Enhanced Navigation & WAAS/LPV
  • Visual Guidance System (HUD + EVS) & Synthetic Vision
  • ADS-B Out (DO-260B), FANS 1/A – CPDLC, TCAS 7.1
  • Honeywell WINN™ Graphic Weather System & Lighting Sensor System
  • Dual Emergency Vision Assurance System (EVAS®), Micro QAR, RAAS

Aircraft Location

This outstanding aircraft is based in Philadelphia, PA and may be viewed by appointment.


TTSN: 5,375 hours
TLSN: 2,418 landings
Plan: Honeywell MSP Avionics & MSP Mechanical
Time/Landings as of 22 Apr 2020


Type: BR700-710C4-11 (Hard Time)
Plan: Rolls-Royce CorporateCare®
#1 (Left) #2 (Right)       
Serial Number: 15433 15430
TTSN: 5,375 hours 5,375 hours
TCSN: 2,428 cycles 2,428 cycles
Times/Cycles as of 22 Apr 2020


Type: RE220[GV] (On Condition)
Plan: Honeywell MSP Gold
Serial Number: P-491
TTSN: 3,753 hours
Time as of 22 Apr 2020

Maintenance & Inspections

Computer Maintenance Tracking Program:  MyCMP
Inspection Program:  14 CFR Part 91.409 (f)(3)
144 Month Tasks Including the Horizontal Stabilizer Inspection Accomplished at Gulfstream – Appleton, January 2020


Gulfstream PlaneView™ (Honeywell Primus Epic®) with ASC 912B / 123B
AFCS: 3-Axis Automatic Flight Control System with Autothrottle & Dual Cursor Control Devices
EFIS: Four (4) Honeywell DU-1310 Flat Panel Display Units
VGS: Honeywell/Kollsman Visual Guidance System (HUD + EVS)*
SVS: Honeywell Synthetic Vision*
FMS: Triple Honeywell FMS with Enhanced Navigation & WAAS/LPV (Software NZ7.1.2)*
CDU: Triple Honeywell Multifunction Control Display Units*
ADS: Triple Honeywell Air Data Modules
VHF COM: Triple Honeywell VHF Modules
HF COM: Dual Rockwell Collins HF Communications System with SELCAL
AUDIO: Triple Honeywell Audio Panels
PHONE: Aircell Axxess® II Iridium Satellite Telecommunications System with Multiple Handsets*
SATCOM 1: Honeywell HD-710 SwiftBroadband Inmarsat Satcom System*
SATCOM 2: Aircell Axxess® II Iridium® Satcom System*
DATALINK: Honeywell CMF with FANS 1/A – CPDLC*
DATA 1: Honeywell HD-710 SwiftBroadband® with CNX-200 Wi-Fi Router*
DATA 2: Aircell Gogo Biz® (ATG 4000) 3G Broadband with Wi-Fi*
GPS: Dual Honeywell SBAS/WAAS GPS Sensors
LRNAV: Triple Honeywell LASEREF® V Micro Inertial Reference Units
NAV: Triple Honeywell Navigation Modules
DME: Dual Honeywell DME Modules
ADF: Dual Honeywell ADF Modules
RADAR: Honeywell Primus® 880 Weather Radar System
WX: Honeywell WINN™ Graphic Weather System & LSZ-860 Lighting Sensor System (LSS)*
RADALT: Dual Honeywell Radio Altimeters
TAWS: Dual Honeywell EGPWM’s with Runway Awareness & Advisory System (RAAS)*
ACAS: Honeywell TCAS 2000 with Change 7.1
XPNDR: Dual Honeywell ADS-B Out (DO-260B) Transponder Modules
FDR: Flight Data Recorder with Micro Quick Access Recorder (µQAR)
CVR: Cockpit Voice Recorder
ELT: Artex 406 MHz ELT with Navigation Interface
*Certain Installed Applications/Equipment Require Optional Subscriptions

Additional Information

ASC 075A – LED Tail Position Light Installation
ASC 091 – Enhanced Baggage Door Seal System
ASC 123B – PlaneView™ Avionics Enhancement
ASC 912B – PlaneView™ Master Operating System Software Update
Third Engine/APU Fire Bottle (cold spare)
Cockpit Printer
Cabin EVS Video Interface
Crane Aerospace & Electronics Tire Sensor Assembly
Dual Emergency Vision Assurance System (EVAS®)
Enhanced Soundproofing
SecuraPlane® Aircraft Security System
680 Door Assist Handle
Talon Aerospace LED Taxi and Landing Lights


Passenger Seating Capacity: Seventeen (17)
Cockpit Jump Seat: Yes

This 17-passenger G550 features a 4-zone main cabin, forward and aft lavatories, and an aft in-flight accessible baggage compartment. Cabin seating consists of a forward cabin 4-place club, followed by a left-hand 2-place divan opposite a forward-facing single seat, then a left-hand 2-place club opposite a 4-place divan, and finally an aft cabin left-hand 4-place conference group opposite a credenza.

Each main cabin single seat features various adjustments, including berthing capability, and all forward-facing single seats have a pull-out footrest. The conference group double seats have various adjustments and drop-down inboard and center armrests, and the cabin divans feature berthing capability. The conference group can be configured for sleep using a variety of mattress options and by manually lowering the pedestal table to seat cushion height.

Closets and storage compartments are found throughout the interior. A forward cabin bulkhead with an electric pocket door divides the vestibule and forward cabin, the mid-cabin features removable bulkheads with curtains, the galley has a stowing curtain, and the aft lavatory features a hinged door. Stowing console tables are located at each cabin club seating section and at the right-hand single forward-facing seat, and the conference group features an adjustable pedestal table. The credenza contains a printer, multiple storage compartments, and the main audio/video source equipment. The cabin features electric window shades and a dual converter cabin power system with multiple 115V/60Hz outlets, including dual cockpit outlets.

Exterior Colors

Last repainted in September 2018 by Gulfstream – Appleton, the exterior is painted in overall “Matterhorn White” with “Steel Blue II Pearl”, “Las Vegas Gold III Pearl”, and various shades of gray stripes.

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