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What are the Aircraft Weight Definitions?

Today is the day to talk a little more about the Aircraft Weight Definitions, a very important subject for those who are studying to apply for an Airline interview or for those who are already working in the Aviation market as pilots.

What is Variable Load?

Variable Load is the weight of the cabin crew with their baggage and removable units like catering loads.

What is Payload?

The Payload is the weight of the cargo and passengers of an aircraft depends on the nature of the flight the payload will be just passengers or maybe cargo and passengers or just cargo.

What is Disposable Load?

The Disposable Load is basically the weight of the payload and fuel.

What is Basic Weight?

Basic Weight (BW) is the Aircraft empty weight with all its basic equipment plus a declared quantity of unusable fuel and oil. Periodically the aircraft need to be weighed again due equipment change, paint services and any other condition which becomes to change the Basic Weight of the Aircraft.

What is Dry Operating Weight?

Dry Operating Weight (DOW) is the Basic Weight of the Aircraft for a specific service plus Variable Load.

Dry Operating Weight is sometimes referred to as Aircraft Prepared for Service (APS).

What is Operational Weight?

Operational Weight (OW) is basically the Dry Operational Weight of the Aircraft plus the Take Off Fuel. On this one taxi fuel and payload are not included.

What is Zero Fuel Weight?

Zero Fuel Weight (ZFW) as the name says is the weight of the aircraft with the payload already onboard with zero usable fuel.

What is Ramp Weight?

Ramp Weight (RW) is the weight of the Aircraft with the fuel to start the engines and taxi to the Take-off runway. Sometimes this weight will be above the Maximum Take-Off Weight as the airplane will burn the extra weight during the engine start and taxi.

What is Maximum Take-Off Weight?

Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) is the maximum permitted weight to the aircraft starts its take-off run on the runway. There will be a lot of time where the aircraft will limit its Maximum Take-Off Weight due to performance issues like short runways, obstacles and wet runway condition.

What is Maximum Landing Weight?

Maximum Landing Weight is the maximum weight certified for a normal landing operation off an aircraft. We will find a lot of airplanes where this weight is inferior to the Maximum Take-Off Weight.

How to Calculate the Aircraft Weight?

After all, those definitions let´s finalize this study of Aircraft Weight Definitions which some calculating formulas to help you memorize even more and get a great performance on future interviews.

Variable Load = APS – Basic Weight

APS = Basic Weight + Variable Load

Disposable Load = TOW – APS

RW = TOW + Start Fuel + Taxi Fuel

ZFW = Payload + APS

ZFW = MTOW – fuel weight

A Little more about Aircraft Weight:

I am not the author of this image below but I decided to post here as it can be very useful to exchange our comprehensidon on the Aircraft Weight Definitions.

aircraft Weight definition

I hope this blog post has helped you with your Aviation Studies.

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