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What are the Declared Runway Distances?

Hello Aviators! Let´s talk about Declared Runway Distances as ICAO defines it for performance calculations. TODA, ASDA, TORA, LDA and little bit about RESA.

What is Clearway?

Clearway is an obstacle-free area which minimum 75m either side of the extended center-line of the runway. Clearway is not included in the accelerate to stop distance calculation in case of an aborted take-off before V1.

What is Stopway?

Stopway is a pavemented area which will help the aircraft to stop in case of an aborted take-off. The Stopway needs to be wide as the runway and need to support the aircraft weight without causing damages to the airplane.

What is Take-Off Run Available?

Take-Off Run Available (TORA) is the physical length of the runway where the aircraft will perform the Take-Off run. The Stopway is not included.

What is Take-off Distance Available?

Take-Off Distance Available (TODA) is the length of the runway plus the Clearway if it exists.

What is the Accelerate to Stop Distance Available?

Accelerate to Stop Distance Available (ASDA) is usually the length of the runway plus the Stopway if it is available. This distance is used to V1 calculations. As longer is the runway if it has Stopway available higher is the V1 that can be determined.

What is Landing Distance Available?

Landing Distance Available (LDA) is the declared distance available to safely landing the aircraft.

Declared Runway Distances

Declared Runway Distances

Additional Info!

What is the Runway End Safety Area?

Runway End Safety Area (RESA) is an area able to safely be suitable by an aircraft in case of an overrun. RESA is not a Declared Runway Distance that´s why it can´t be used for Aircraft performance calculation.

Declared Runway Distances

Runway End Safety Area

I hope this post has helped you with your Aviation Studies.

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